The 7-s Approach

The 7-S approach is how I like to attack designing effective, efficient and fun training formats. For most of us we have limited time to train daily (myself included) so having a training process that is effective in terms of results, efficient in time and providing enough variety for long term adherence is key. The main elements I focus on and what I incorporate into the program is:

1 Spirit- building a resilient mind that can stay composed under pressure and attack when necessary. Strong in the mind first.

2 Strength – the “mother quality” that sets the base for all other physical capacities.

3 Speed – Speed kills, keeping the neurological signaling strong is good for the brain and the body.

4 Stamina – The wider your base the more stress and stimuli you can go through and positively recover from. Repeated quality performance over a prolonged period of time is the goal.

5 Size – A bigger muscle is potentially a stronger muscle. A higher percentage of lean muscle tissue is usually associated with a healthier body. Keeping a balance of “functional” muscle mass for a broad range of activities is key though, no excess that potentially pulls you down.

6 Structural integrity – building a resilient organism that can withstand the demands of a training regimen and life. Structuring training in a manner to minimize injuries and promote longevity.

7 Skill – building a wide base that allows for specific skill development with directed focus. Instead of being skilled in one capacity the goal is to be proficient in more than just one endeavor.